SERVICES - Radiology Cardiology

Digital X- Ray
  • A radiograph is an X-ray image obtained by placing a part of the patient in front of an X-ray detector and then illuminating it with a short X-ray pulse.
  • Radiography department of Rashi diagnostic centre performs all kinds of X-rays.
  • X- Ray is available here from morning to evening handled by a well trained and experienced technician and also guided by an experienced radiologist.
  • X- Ray is performed by 300 MA Allengers.
  • In RDC we perform computerized radiography and Digital X ray.
  • Used in head and skull bone diseases
  • Sinusitis, nasal defects and ear diseases.
  • Digital X-ray used in neck-soft tissue and bone defects.
  • Mainly used in chest and lung diseases like pleural effusions, paranchymal diseases like TB, Asthma, Bronchiectosis and Cardiomegaly.
  • Some intestinal diseases.
  • Digital X-ray mainly advised in diagnosis of bone tumors, fractures, joint diseases and soft tissue swellings.