Rashi Diagnostic Center Endoscopy
Awards and Certification

Awards and Certification

The quality of services offered by RASHI is well appreciated and acknowledged by the medical fraternity as well as the patients. We are grateful that your patronage and support has led us to these certifications and awards which will further fuel our quest for Quality, excellence and service to community.

International Awards

  • International Gold Star Millenium Award
  • Pride of International Education Excellence Award
  • International Excellence Award
  • Worldwide Achievers Health Care Excellence Award
  • Doctorate from European Continental University (USA)

National Awards

  • Rajiv Gandhi Excellence Award
  • Jewel of India Award
  • Golden Citizen of India Award
  • Star of Asia Award
  • Foundation for Quality India Award
  • Rashtra Vibhushan Award
  • Health Care Excellence Award
  • Glory of India Award
  • National Star Award

Conferences and Cmes - Participation

  • KCIAPM State Annual Conference - JSS Medical College, Mysore 22 & 23rd Oct-2009
  • Christian Medical College, CME - Biochem - JVellore 2010 CMC
  • State KCIPM Conference Karnataka - KIMS Medical College, Bangalore 2014
  • ISO KSQA - Norsk Accreditation, Norway from 2014 to 2015
  • CME-Pathology - St. John's Medical College, Bangalore-2003
  • CME-Ministry of Health - Dahran, Saudi Arabia 2005
  • Scientific medical education program - Dossary Hospitals, Saudi Arabia 2004
  • Medical Labs CME - Dahran, Saudi Arabia 2006
  • Internal Auditor foundation of quality of India - St. John's Medical College, Bangalore-2014
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